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Order HughesNet Gen5 Business Internet service before
October 1, 2017 to qualify for a $200 mail-in rebate!

Find HughesNet Gen5 Business Plans in Your Area

Wherever your small business is located, you need fast Internet. With HughesNet® Gen5, you can get high-speed Internet coast to coast, even in places where other providers aren’t available.

HughesNet offers a range of business plans to suit your business needs today and as your business grows. Small business owners can choose from five all-new Gen5 plans offering everything from basic business connectivity to industrial-strength Internet.

Faster speeds, more data, built-in Wi-Fi and more

All HughesNet Gen5 for Business service plans deliver 25 Mbps3 speeds and other exciting features to help your small business thrive.

NO HARD DATA LIMITS.4 Even if you exceed your plan data, we won’t cut you off or charge you more. Stay connected at reduced speeds until your next billing cycle.

BUILT-IN WI-FI. You can connect all your wireless devices to improve productivity and mobility in the workplace.

DATA WHEN YOU NEED IT. You get a large amount of Daytime Data for use during standard business hours (8am-6pm), along with Anytime Data that can be used 24/7.

HughesNet Gen5 business plans are fast, flexible and affordable. Time is money — with HughesNet for Business, you can stop wasting your time on a slow Internet connection.

Call today and make HughesNet your choice!


Why choose HughesNet for your small business?

Besides providing fast speeds and more data, HughesNet Gen5 also offers a collection of other great features.


Get a secure connection to help protect your small business. HughesNet's secure connection will help protect sensitive files and data. You can get a secure HughesNet connection for many different locations.

24/7 Support

Every small business operates at different hours. Whether you have a question in the middle of the night or the middle of the afternoon, HughesNet has you covered. With 24/7 technical support, you can always get the answers you need.